Cruising The St Lawrence - Crysler Marina to the Gallop Canal

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The short cruise from Crysler Marina to the Gallop Canal just west of Iroquis is a wonderful sight filled cruise taking a little more than an hour and a half depending on your crusing speed.

Heading west from Crysler Marina you pass Morrisburg on the north shore and Waddington NY on the South shore. You can avoid going through the current canal system (and the fee's) by navigating through the Iroquois Dam. Boats can navigate through the gates which are clearly marked with caution. The clearance is 8.5 feet and though they look daunting, they can be easily navigated by most boats. Note however the current here is strong so keep a steady speed and heading.


 Iroquois is home to three sets of canal locks.  The first set of locks was constructed in conjunction with the Galop canal around 1845.


 The canal was improved, and new locks were built, in 1897.  At 800 feet in length, these new locks were the cause of much fanfare—they were the longest locks in Canada at that time.

 The final locks were built for the new St. Lawrence Seaway in 1954.  These new locks are distinctive because they increased the depth capacity from 14 feet to 27 feet deep.  This meant that roughly twice as much cargo could be shipped to and from the Great Lakes.

The old Galop Canal today is a beautiful spot to anchor for the day or overnight. With crystal clear waters you can see all the way to the bottom and is a favorite spot for many divers with two ship wrecks to dive on.

Campfires are permitted and the old locks provide a beautiful harbour setting for an overnight stay.


Give this cruise a try the next time your out, you wont be disappointed !



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